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We're so glad you found our digital 'learning hub thingy'. This is The Grow Academy, home to the online sections of our programmes. We're Grow the People and we've been helping people communicate and build their creative skills for almost a decade. We support you to build and sell your ideas in pitches, presentations and day-to-day communications. At the heart of our programmes is an expertise in story craft, using our decades of experience in the world of publishing, theatre and broadcasting.

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  • Specialist Focused

    We've built our programmes specifically for the industry and subject areas we know and love the most. We're interested in creativity and communications because that's our background. We've had experience on both sides of the client-creative agency relationship. We know the characters and the challenges you face because we've faced them too.

  • Fusion Learning

    You don't have time to spend days on end in a training room. But also, the usual online training just sits there unfinished. That's why we use a hybrid approach. One that suits your time and helps you stay motivated. A balance of access-anywhere digital methods and good old human contact. (You remember humans right?)

  • You Do You

    As Oscar Wilde (or possibly one of ten other suspects) put it, "be yourself, everyone else is taken." Our programmes are not in the business of trying to make you a robot. We aim to take what you already have, and make it better. We've built programmes that are fit for how contemporary creatives, communicators and agencies work.

Our lovely clients

There are many agencies and creatives that Grow the People are proud to partner with.

We've had the opportunity to deliver our workshops to some of the world's most innovative and creative businesses. We've worked with big hitters from the world of film, broadcasting and music.
Our lovely clients